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About The Journal

International Journal of Cytokine (IJCY) is a journal that focuses on topics related to the research of intercellular signaling molecules, also known as cytokines. It aims to provide comprehensive coverage of current research and developments in this subject area. The journal's scope includes intercellular signaling mechanisms, the role of cytokines in inflammation and immunity, their use in drug design and therapeutic applications, and their impact on homeostasis and disease.


This authoritative journal publishes original research papers, brief communications, and review articles that are peer-reviewed and provide an in-depth discussion of important topics in the field of cytokines. It serves as a platform for researchers to share their findings in the field of cytokine research and to discuss novel therapeutic strategies emerging from this research. It also provides comprehensive coverage of the rapidly growing research on cytokines in various cellular and organismal contexts. With its wide range of topics and in-depth analysis, IJCY is an invaluable source of information for those working in this exciting and rapidly developing field.


 Advantages of publishing

The benefits of publishing with the International Journal of Cytokine (IJCY) are numerous. The journal provides authors with the opportunity to publish in one of the most rapidly growing interdisciplinary areas of research today. IJCY also aims to promote the use of cytokine research and its application in the healthcare sector to improve patient care and outcomes. Moreover, the IJCY gives authors the opportunity to be informed about timely topics in the field of cytokine research and offers a platform for exchanging research ideas and findings with a broad international audience.


Finally, the International Journal of Cytokine(IJCY) provides authors with the chance to have their papers reviewed by an experienced and qualified editorial board, with rapid and fair peer reviews and fast publication times. By publishing in the IJCY, authors will gain visibility and raise their profile in the scientific community, as well as secure the increased impact of their work. IJCY is committed to supporting authors throughout the publishing process and takes pride in providing the highest quality standards for publishing.


 Instructions for authors 

The International Journal of Cytokine (IJCY) provides a platform for research related to the immune system in health and disease. It focuses on studies of intercellular communication, cytokines and their related receptors, gene expression, immunological disorders, and host defense. Our journal publishes original research articles as well as invited review articles, with the aim of advancing knowledge in this field. We also provide a venue for researchers to publish new findings and exchange ideas. 


Authors interested in submitting to IJCY must adhere to the Journals guidelines and policies. All manuscripts must be original content that has not been previously published and must be submitted in English. Articles should be prepared using the style guidelines provided in the Instructions for Authors and must include References, Tables, and Figures. Articles that do not comply with these guidelines will not be considered for publication. 


We invite authors to submit innovative content to the International Journal of Cytokine( IJCY) and welcome submissions from authors around the world. We value originality, scientific accuracy, and creativity, and look forward to advancing knowledge in the field of cytokine research.


Editorial Board 

The Editorial Board of International Journal of Cytokine( IJCY) consists of experts from different fields, including immunology, biotechnology, and medical research. The board provides its expertise to ensure that the content published in the journal is of the highest academic standard. The board members are actively engaged in the peer-review process and provide prompt and detailed reviews of submitted manuscripts. The Editorial Board ensures that the accepted articles adhere to the highest academic standards and are of the highest quality. They also provide valuable guidance and direction to authors as they engage in the publication process. The board is committed to promoting the rapid publication of high-quality research related to cytokines and their roles in the human immune response.


 Article Submission 

Article submission to International Journal of Cytokine(IJCY) is handled through a simple and secure submission system. Authors may submit a manuscript prepared according to the journal formatting standards. Before submitting, authors should ensure that the work adheres to the policies and guidelines of the journal. Submitted manuscripts are evaluated by the editorial board and experts, who provide constructive feedback while ensuring quality and adherence to the norms of the journal. Following a successful review, the article is published in the journal. Manuscripts can also be published in the form of reviews, short communications, and letters to the editor.

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