International Journal of Chemotherapy Research and Practice

International Journal of Chemotherapy Research and Practice

International Journal of Chemotherapy Research and Practice

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About The Journal

The International Journal of Chemotherapy Research and Practice (IJCP) is dedicated to the systematic and rigorous evaluation of chemotherapy research and practice. IJCP was established to provide a much-needed platform for researchers to share their findings and to discuss emerging topics in the field of chemotherapy.

Each edition of IJCP features reviews and original research articles specializing in the application of new and innovative therapeutic agents, research into the biochemical and molecular basis of chemotherapy, and advances in the development of novel drug delivery systems. IJCP strives to remain at the cutting edge of chemotherapeutic advances, providing its readers with a comprehensive summary of the latest developments in the field.



Advantages of publishing in Journal

The International Journal of Chemotherapy Research and Practice (IJCP) is a professional, peer-reviewed journal that is dedicated to the advancement of research in chemotherapy. IJCP provides a platform for publishing cutting-edge research in the fields of chemotherapy, drug therapy, and related areas of medical science. It publishes original research articles, reviews, short reports, and perspectives from leading researchers in the field. IJCP also has a particular focus on the implications for clinical practice and advancing the development of new therapeutic strategies and technologies.


IJCP is a high-quality resource for scientists, clinicians, and medical professionals who are interested in learning more about the latest developments in chemotherapy and drug therapy. As an open access journal, authors have the freedom to share their research and make it available to a global audience. Through its open access, IJCP serves to further the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge while offering authors the opportunity to get more recognition for their work. Additionally, IJCP aims to bring together members of different disciplines and encourage collaborative research between members of the scientific and medical community. 


IJCP publishes research articles in all areas of chemotherapy and drug therapy, including targeted and personalized therapies, drug combinations, and cost-effectiveness. The journal also welcomes perspectives on research in the field, as well as short reports on emerging research topics. IJCP has a rigorous peer review process, with articles undergoing a double-blind review process that includes an external and an internal reviewer. As a result, readers can trust that articles published in IJCP are of the highest quality and appropriate for clinical practice. 


The mission of IJCP is to be an authoritative source for new findings and perspectives in the field of chemotherapy and drug therapy, promoting the advancement of research and offering readers the most reliable and up-to-date information on the subject.


 Instructions for authors 

We invite authors to submit manuscripts that follow the journal's article submission guidelines. All articles should be well-structured, provide a novel and insightful analysis, and include relevant evidence to support their findings. All accepted manuscripts should be formatted to meet the journals strict guidelines. Prior to submission, authors should check the journals guidelines to ensure that the manuscript meets all criteria. Upon submission, the manuscript will then be peer-reviewed by the journals editorial board. If accepted, the article will undergo a final editing process and be published in an upcoming issue.


 Editorial Board 

International Journal of Chemotherapy Research and Practice(IJCP) is supported by an esteemed and experienced editorial board that includes prominent international experts from various fields of research. These experts are dedicated to providing the highest quality in scientific publishing. The editorial board is dedicated to providing quality research in a timely and professional manner, with strong emphasis on the quality of the peer-review process. The board is responsible for ensuring that the journal meets the highest standards of scientific integrity and quality.


International Journal of Chemotherapy Research and Practice (IJCP)'s commitment to providing quality content and research results is highlighted by its commitment to Open Access. All published content is freely available to all readers, allowing for an open and unrestricted exchange of scientific information. IJCP is also committed to promoting the highest ethical standards in publishing, ensuring that all published content is accurate, timely, and reliable. 


International Journal of Chemotherapy Research and Practice (IJCP) is also constantly working on improving its content and editorial processes, in order to ensure that readers have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information in the field. The journal strives to provide an arena for the free exchange of ideas and information, which is essential for the advancement of science and healthcare.


Article Submission 

The journal welcomes submissions of manuscripts from investigators worldwide. Manuscripts should be prepared according to the journals guidelines, found on the journals website. All submissions will be subject to peer review by experts in the field. Manuscripts that meet the journals standards for scholarly excellence and that make an original contribution will be considered for publication. 


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