Journal of In-vitro In-vivo In-silico Journal

Journal of In-vitro In-vivo In-silico Journal

Journal of In-vitro In-vivo In-silico Journal

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About The Journal


In-Vitro In-Vivo In-Silico Journal (IIIJ) is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes research on the interdisciplinary field of life sciences. It covers the development, analysis and application of models in biomedicine, molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and related fields. 

The journal provides a platform to report on methods, applications and results of developing in-silico, in-vitro and in-vivo systems. It also offers an opportunity to discuss the use of these systems and their implications for advancing our understanding of biology, medicine and related fields.

Submission Process:

The journal is a great platform for researchers and authors to share their knowledge which is essential to the field of bioinformatics, medical sciences, and biotechnology.  All manuscripts are subject to a stringent peer-review process before publication. Submitted articles should be written using the journal's article guidelines and should be submitted via the Online Submission Process link in the journal's website.


Scope of IIIJ:

Ovarian reserve (AMH) test, Karyomapping, Polscope technology, In vitro maturation techniques, Assisted reproductive technology (ART), Aging and reproduction, Cryopreservation techniques in art success, etc.

Remaining Scope can be viewed at Aim and Scope 


Instructions to Prepare your article:

IIIJ follows a rigorous review process and all the manuscripts submitted must follow certain guidelines. The authors must follow the instructions for authors thoroughly and carefully before submitting their manuscripts for consideration.  The manuscripts must be written in clear, concise English and should be free of any plagiarism.

The authors must ensure that their manuscripts adhere to the journal's guidelines and the copyright requirements.


Article Processing Charge:

IIIJ is an open access journal and provides free online access to all content, making it available to the widest possible audience. However, published manuscripts are subject to Article Processing Charges that are used to cover the production, indexing, hosting, and marketing costs of the journal. 

Advantages Of Publicaions:

IIIJ offers a variety of benefits to authors, such as fast and transparent peer review, flexible review criteria and immediate access to accepted manuscripts. The journal provides a unique platform for researchers to share their findings with the scientific community and to gain visibility and recognition. IIIJ also facilitates open access and public availability of research output, enabling researchers to access and discuss the latest developments in 3D medical imaging.

Editorial Board Members:

The IIIJ publishes original research articles under the guidance of a distinguished and experienced editorial team. The editorial board comprises of world-renowned researchers and practioners in the various domains of in vitro and in vivo research, in silico modeling, and their application to the various domains of life sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, and clinical sciences. The editorial team consists of experienced practitioners who are first-class in their fields, as well as prestigious research groups from around the world. With its distinguished editorial board, the publication seeks to advance the research and knowledge in this multidisciplinary field and promote its responsible use in the life sciences and clinical sciences.


1. I was glad to contribute with IIIJ to publish my article. The review process was strict and done by professional researchers. I recommend IIIJ for other qualified authors as they will have a beautiful scientific experience. Moreover, the website services are colored and can be easily used by authors, editors, and reviewers. Next to that, it did not take too long to find the article online. For coordination of the website and the article is very beautiful and well organized. On the other hand, the journal takes into consideration informing the authors about the proceeding of the article publishing process step by step. I hope for IIIJ success and a bright future as well. Thanks for your services.

Farah Yousef  Damascus University

2. The process after the submission was fast and transparent. The response and communication with editors are friendly and opportune. Author is aided during the process and the publication online is fast after the manuscript is approved by referees. I recommend this journal for publication.

Rafael Vargas  - Universidad Antonio Nariño


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