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The Journal of Immunization (JI) is an open-access journal published that explores the scientific study of immunology and its related disciplines. JI is committed to publishing high-quality scientific research studies and reviews on the latest breakthroughs and advances from across the world. 

The journal publishes research articles, short communication, editorials, reviews, and perspectives pertinent to the discipline of immunology. JI strives to provide its readers with the highest standards of scientific literature, covering a range of topics such as cellular, molecular, and systemic immunology, inflammation, and microbial pathogenesis in host-pathogen interactions.

JI encourages authors to submit manuscripts that are rigorously evaluated by its editors and by an independent international body of experts. This journal is committed to promote an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms and advances in the field, and strives to keep its readers and authors updated with the latest developments.

The journal envisions promoting active collaboration among the scientific community in order to contribute to the development of immunological sciences and its related disciplines. With this mission, JI strives to become the foremost source of scientific knowledge and a platform of discussion for experts in the field.

Contributions from the following research areas are invited but not limited to the following branches 


Bio Markers
Infections and virus
Incidence and mortality
Habits and lifestyle
Food and Nutrition
Experimental studies
Drug targeting
Drug sensitivity and resistance
Adult immunization
Transcription factors
Symptoms and side effects
Socio-economic status
Risk factors
Psychological aspects
Prognostic factors
Novel drugs

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