International Journal of Neuroimaging

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Data Archiving Permissions


Types of data:
  • Data sets
  • Experimental data
  • Observational data
  • Computational data
  • Curated data
  • Supplementary data
    • It can be code, models, workflows, figures, tables etc., they are basically something which adds to the manuscript but do not affect the manuscript's integrity even when excluded.
  • Manuscript
    • the data which forms the base of article content without which the article ceases to exist.


Modes of data:
  • Raw
  • Processed
  • Large data
Archiving types:
  • pre-publication is acceptable, but need information.
  • post-publication is acceptable

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Repository types:
  • External general repository
  • External special repositories
  • University repository


Compliance with journal policies:

Data should be deposited in appropriate repositories for the manuscript to be sent for peer review and it should be accessible by the reviewers and editor during review. Except explained why? And if it is reasonable to be so, data needs to be available to the public after the manuscript it has been published.

Compliance with funders policies:

We shall be glad to work with authors to meet their funders policies. Authors may contact us ([email protected]) regarding the same if they need any special arrangements in this case.

Uses of a repository deposit:
  • Discoverable
  • Reproducible
  • Reusable
  • Reliable

If under any circumstances the data need to be moved to new link (changes in repository policies or change of repository itself) then such updates should be informed to the publisher and the changes are to be updated accordingly.

Updates can also mean the data expanded after publication. Such data update can also be mentioned in the appropriate section of published manuscript.

Data citation:

Proper citation should be provided for data used as datasets, including in which article they were used previously if they have been used already.