Journal of Death

Aim and Scope

Journal of Death is an open access, peer reviewed scientific journal which includes theoretical, conceptual and clinical aspects of death. The main objective of this journal is to support and disseminate the research done in the areas of Death.  Hope that this journal helps the researchers to exchange and share their results of research and practice, with the aim of better understanding the human encounter with death all over the world.


Journal of Death (JOD) provides a platform for scholars and researchers to publish their research findings and advancements related to the topic of death. JOD aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and information regarding death, acknowledging the increasing research in this field.


At the Journal of Death acknowledge the intrinsic complexity of death, and strive to publish research that will provide a greater understanding of mortality. Our journal publishes high-quality articles on topics such as terminal illness, bereavement, mourning and funerary customs, death within differentiating cultures, and the history of mortality. We also publish qualitative research related to thanatological issues, including qualitative perspectives on living with and embracing death in daily life. 


JOD explores diverse topics, such as medicine, psychology, sociology, and philosophy, and seeks to provide a platform that encourages interdisciplinary conversation and dialogue, and it is dedicated to advancing the understanding of death and its implications across diverse disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, history, bioethics, and medicine. We provide researchers a platform to share insights on end-of-life care, mortality, bereavement, mortality rates, memorialization, suffering and mortality rates, societal responses to death, and other related topics. Authors may submit multimedia, interactive materials, animations and 3D models, as well as data sets or visualisations of their research.


JOD particularly seeks to publish studies that explore death in the context of historical, anthropological, sociological, psychological, medical, theological and legal perspectives. The journal is also committed to fostering a dialogue between death and the way we live our lives today. Through the lens of JOD, readers will gain a new understanding of death and its impact on our lives, and also learn more about the ways of understanding and commemorating death in different cultures and JOD pursues rigorous academic standards to ensure the quality of published works. 


JOD invite article submissions from academic researchers and practitioners worldwide. All papers are subject to a rigorous single blind peer-review process. Authors are expected to follow the journal’s guidelines for submission. Upon successful review, accepted papers are published in the journal’s online repository. It is an online journal with a broad-based coverage including topics on death, dying, and related issues. The journal follows a strict review process to ensure that submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed and of high quality.


Authors are encouraged to submit the article as Original Research, Review, Literature review, Conference proceedings, Case reports, Short communication, Thesis, Letter to editor and Editorials that relates to death and its studies.

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