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Journal of Cancer Genetics And Biomarkers

Journal of Cancer Genetics And Biomarkers

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Ongoing Special Issue


Journal of Cancer Genetics And Biomarkers initiated accepting proposals to conduct a special issue in the journal. For this reason, we started accepting proposals from our eminent editorial board members and guest editors.

Below are a few topics that are listed to initiate special issue in the esteemed journal. Researchers who are interested in handling the below topics are free to contact us at this email.


Related Keywords: 

Precision Oncology, Personalized Cancer Treatment, Targeted Therapy in Cancer, Genomic Medicine in Oncology, Cancer Biomarkers, Molecular Profiling in Cancer,  Individualized Cancer Care, Pharmacogenomics in Cancer, Precision Medicine Approaches, Oncogenomics and Tumor Genotyping.

  • Genomic Instability and Cancer Risk
  • Cancer Immunogenomics
  • Liquid Biopsies in Cancer Genomics
  • Hereditary Cancer Syndromes
  • Epigenetics and Cancer
  • Genomic Heterogeneity in Tumors
  • Integration of Multi-Omics Data in Cancer Genomics
  • Cancer Genomics and Drug Resistance
  • Big Data Analytics in Cancer Genomics
  • Environmental Factors and Cancer Genetics
  • Liquid Biopsies for Cancer Detection
  • Novel Biomarkers for Early Cancer Diagnosis
  • Biomarkers in Immunotherapy Response
  • Exosomal Biomarkers
  • Biomarkers for Cancer Prognosis
  • Metabolic Biomarkers in Cancer
  • Genomic and Transcriptomic Biomarkers
  • Circulating Biomarkers in Minimal Residual Disease
  • Multi-Omics Integration for Biomarker Discovery
  • Biomarkers in Pediatric Cancers
  • Artificial Intelligence in Biomarker Discovery
  • Biomarkers for Personalized Cancer Therapy
  • Microbiome and Cancer Biomarkers

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