Journal of Breast Cancer Survival

About The Journal

Journal of Breast Cancer Survival provides a comprehensive platform for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among researchers, oncologists, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals. The journal is dedicated to the study of breast cancer, with particular emphasis on the process of diagnosis, treatment, and management. The journal focuses on a wide range of topics, ranging from risk factors and the epidemiology of breast cancer, to advances in diagnostics and treatments, to survivorship care. 

Scope of JBCS:

in vitro and in vivo mechanistic studies, diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, chemo-, radio- and immunotherapy, drug targeting, surgery, counselling, risk factors, genetics, nutrition, prevention, and epidemiology.
Remaining Scope can be viewed at Aim and Scope 

Advantages of publishing

JBCS is published by Open Access It enables authors to submit their work to a broad audience of experts, to gain scientific and public recognition, and to advance the field. With its wide range of topics, the journal is an ideal outlet for authors seeking to publish their research in an open-access, peer-reviewed journal.

Authors looking to submit their work to JBCS
can benefit from the journal's fast and efficient review process, as well as its wide-reaching readership. The journal also offers authors the ability to gain visibility for their work, which helps to optimize the impact of their published research. Additionally, JBCS offers authors the freedom to make their work openly accessible, ensuring their research is readily available to a wide audience.

Instructions for authors

Authors are requested to read carefully the Instructions for authors prior to submitting their work. All manuscripts should be submitted electronically via the journal's online submission system or via mail. All manuscripts should be written in English. 
Once accepted for publication, the manuscript will be made available for readers.

Editorial Board Members:

Eric Rosenthal - Myriad Genetics
Victor Vogel - Geisinger Health System, United States
Julie Smith-Gagen - University of Nevada
Ercole Cavalieri - University of Nebraska Medical Center.
Nahla Khamis Ibrahim - King Abdulaziz University.
Tsai-Wang Chang - National Cheng Kung University
Azlina Yusuf - Universiti Sains Malaysia
Eric C. Burdge - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Jayant Vaidya - University College London
Raffaele Serra - University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro.
Mark LaBarge - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Ivette Suarrez Arroyo - Universidad Central del Caribe
Paula Alexander-Delpech - University of Florida
Samera Qureshi - Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH)/Folkehelseinstituttet.
Stefan Glück - University of Miami M. Miller School of Medicine.
Hassan Ebrahim - University of Louisiana at Monroe


1. I was impressed by the swift services of the journal and easy navigation beginning from manuscript submission to galley proof. I would recommend future authors-"Consider this journal if you are wondering where to publish your scientific work". They are Google scholar indexed and so you do not have to worry, if your scientific work won't reach the community of other researchers.

Naiya Patel - Long Island University

2. Our experience working with OPEN ACCESS PUB is excellent. I strongly recommend to specialists on neurology and neuroscience to publish their research studies in this open acces journal.

Orlando Castejon - Biological Research Institute

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