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Launching a journal related to biotechnology serves many purposes like focusing on specific topics, dissemination of timely research, global collaboration with the researchers, and comprehensive coverage of the entire scope related to biotechnology and biomedical science.

JBBS publishes the articles in open access mode to make the research reach the scientific community without any barriers. All article types are accepted for publication and the format should be per the journal instructions.

The Journal of Biotechnology and Biomedical Science (JBBS) charges the author after the acceptance of the article to cover the cost of publication. The charges are classified based on the World Bank's classification of countries and article types. 



Student waiver (USD)

High-income countries



Middle-income countries



Lower middle-income countries



Low-income countries



What does the article processing charge cover?

Charges can be collected from the author or from their institutions to cover the costs related to the publication process of submitted articles in open-access mode. Let us know what these charges cover.

>> Entire peer review process: In this peer review process several factors are included like evaluating the uniqueness, originality, quality, and validity of the manuscript. Every process requires money and the APC will cover the cost involved for the entire process.

>> Editing and formatting: Converting the submitted manuscript as per the journal style and formatting the accepted manuscript requires proofreading to meet the highest publication standards.

>> Professional Author service: Dedicated personal assistance to authors and readers 24X7.

>> Editorial work: Rapid Peer review process with excellent administrative support.

>> Open access: All the published articles are available for free to all interested online visitors.

>> Copyright: All articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

>> Promoting published content: Making sure readers and researchers know about the work published.

>> Memberships: Become a member of our active collaboration, and pursue ambitious objectives in a highly professional environment.

>> Technical innovation and framework: Improvement, maintenance, and operation of websites and online manuscript zone system.

>> Administrative Costs: Expenses related to manuscript handling, editorial services, and customer support to eliminate communication barriers between authors, editors, and reviewers to complete the entire publication process smoothly.


FAQS by Authors

How article's visibility and citations increase?

Yes, your article's visibility and citations will be increased as JBBS promotes articles in various databases and indexing sites. Open Access articles are indexed in major search engines and shared in major social networks which leads to a greater likelihood of research being found and cited. Open Access articles receive greater visibility and higher citations than subscription-based articles.

Is there any possibility of a speedy review process for my article?

No, Open Access Journal does not promote expeditious publication, as we adhere to a rigorous peer review process. Consequently, the article processing time is estimated to be between 2-3 weeks. However, upon the author's request, we may conduct a rapid review of the articles.

Would it be possible to increase the article's accessibility?

Yes, it is possible to increase article accessibility worldwide. Open access provides free and immediate online access to scholarly literature for anyone in the world to read, distribute, and reuse. All articles published in our journals are open-access and freely available online, immediately upon publication.

How can I receive professional author services throughout the entire process?

You can receive professional author service by providing personal assistance to authors and readers 24/7.

What about the production process of the articles?

Upon approval by the Editor, the article will be forwarded to the PDF department. Subsequently, we shall seek confirmation of the author's approval of the PDF for online publication. Upon receipt of such confirmation, the article shall be published online.

What modifications would JBBS implement to enhance the promotion of my published content?

Journal marks up the articles according to the indexing guidelines. It is very important for research-oriented writing. It allows writers to focus on the content of their work and make it more organized and accessible. It also allows the publication of articles and inclusion in indexing services to be made more efficient. We can promote articles on social media, and in forums like Facebook and Twitter, so that they will be more likely to come across as potential readers.


What benefits will I receive if I become a member of your journal?

By enrolling as a member of JBBS, you can publish unlimited articles in one year with affordable charges.


Is there any withdrawal charge?

Withdrawal charges are 30% of the Article Processing Charges (APC). They are applicable if the paper has to be withdrawn after 3 days of submission. Kindly make note of this before you submit your manuscript. You may not submit elsewhere without official withdrawal of the manuscript and it will be considered ethical misconduct if you do so and will be dealt with accordingly.


How to Pay?

Upon acceptance, an email is forwarded with a payment link along with the instructions, you just need to follow the link and complete the payment method. 

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us at ✉ [email protected]

Last updated on Jan 13, 2024

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