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About The Journal

Journal of Alcohol (JA) is an Open Access, Electronic journal that publishes peer-reviewed research from a variety of disciplines, including medical science, public health, psychology, sociology, and criminology. The articles published in JA are of diverse nature, focusing on critical and stimulating topics, and concise conclusions.

Submission Process:

The journal also publishes case reports, editorials, and letters to the editor open to research, scientific, and medical professionals. Prospective authors should submit their manuscripts to the journal's online portal through a single file, which includes all text, figures, tables, and figure legends. Manuscripts must meet the formatting requirements and submission guidelines of the journal, which are available on the website.

Scope of JA:

Alcoholism, Alcoholism Treatment, Behavioral addiction, Child & adolescent substance abuse, Depression & anxiety disorders, Drug addiction, Eating disorders, Gambling addiction, Group therapies, Liver cirrhosis, etc.

The remaining Scope can be viewed at Aim and Scope 


Instructions to Prepare your article:

Authors wishing to submit a paper to the JA should follow the instructions outlined in the "Instructions for Authors”, available on the JA website. Here, authors will find information on topics related to manuscript preparation, formatting, and references. Furthermore, authors are encouraged to read the "Ethical Considerations" section for information on ethical standards for research. 


Article Processing Charge:

Journal of Alcohol (JA) is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on producing content related to alcohol and its effects on health, society, and the environment. Authors of JA papers benefit from a speedy publication process and open access policy which ensures the widest possible audience access to their work. JA also offers low Article Processing Charges to support authors in the process of publication.


Advantages of Publishing:

The journal also offers rapid electronic formats for publication, with a rapid peer-review process, and responses to author queries within 48 hours. With a diverse international editorial board and an excellent editorial process, JA provides an ideal platform for authors to share their work with the worldwide scientific community.

Editorial Board Members:

The journal is supported by an esteemed editorial board of renowned scientists and clinicians in the field. The board brings together experts from a wide range of disciplines, including biochemistry, pharmacology, psychology, genetics, epidemiology, medicine, and health policy. With their expertise and passion for alcohol research, the editorial board members are dedicated to making JA a premier resource for sharing insights and advancing knowledge in the field. 


1. I like your promptness and your way of collaborating with the authors. I am proud and believe me to recommend someone to publish his article at your journal. I felt proud of your journal and the comments I received from reviewers and even from the editor. it's even why I asked if I can still publish my second article at the same journal. Thank you once more.

Katshiete Mbuisi Eale Brigitte  Örebro University

2. The pleasant experience of collaborating with your journal is unforgettable. The sincere and respectful communication of the editor delighted me with the valuable comments of my dear reviewers. This magazine embraces scientific perspectives without bias against religions that is very respectful. The process of reviewing articles is fast. Working with this magazine was proud. I hope that this cooperation will continue. I would advise you to work with the journal, it will be pleasant.

Minoo Asadzandi  Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences

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