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Page Numbers  1-8

Efficacy of Carumcarvi L. (Caraway), Eculaptuscamaldulensisdehnh (Red Gum) Andnigella Sativa (Black Seed) Against Greater Wax Mothgalleria Mellonellal.Innaeus (Lepidoptera:Pyralidae)

Abass Hussien Wegdan  1 Mahammed Khaeir Siefaldinn  2 Haroun Mohamed Adam Abubaker  3 El bagi Elsayed Ali Abd  2


Page Numbers  9-16

Effects of Seed bed, Cultivars and Seed rates on Yield and Quality of Onion Sets (Allium cepa L.)

A. Mohammedali Aisha  1 E. E. Elshukry Elsadig.  1 M. Alamin Abdellatief  1 Z. Elhag Ayoub  2


Page Numbers  17-23

Effect of Set Size and Fertilizer Type on Off- Season Onion (Allium cepa. L) Production

E. E. Elshukry Elsadig  1 Z. Elhag Ayoub  2 A. Mohammedali Aisha  1


Page Numbers  24-29

Effect of Bio-Controlling Methods (Proplis and Bacteria) on the 3rd_larval Instar of Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Abass Hussien Wegdan  1 Haroun Mohamed Adam Abubaker  2 Mahammed Khaeir Siefaldinn  3 Elbagi Elsayed Ali Abd  3

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