International Journal of Neonatology

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International Journal of Neonatology-Child Nutrition
-Seline N Okolo


University of Jos, Department of Paediatrics, Jos

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Seline N Okolo


University of Jos, Department of Paediatrics, Jos, Nigeria.

Research Interests:

Child Nutrition



  1. Peripheral gangrene in children at the Jos University Teaching Hospital.
  2. Fatty Acid Composition of Fulani ‘Butter Oil’ Made from Cow's Milk.
  3. The prevalence of hepatitis Be antigen and anti-HBE in adults in Benin City.
  4. Content of Lipid Nutrients in the Milk of Fulani Women.
  5. Prevalence of diarrhea disease and risk factors in Jos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria.
  6. Nonconsensual sexual relationship and prevalence of HIV infection in adolescent in Jos, Nigeria.
  7. Plasmodium falciparum infection among neonates in the North Central Region of Nigeria.
  8. Temporal Artery Thermometry in Children Younger Than 5 Years A Comparison With Rectal Thermometry.
  9. The impact of pre-existing antibody on subsequent immune responses to meningococcal A-containing vaccines.
  10. The effects of birth weight and gender on neonatal mortality in north central Nigeria.