Journal of Evolving Stem Cell Research

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Evolving Stem Cell Research-Stem cell differentiation and proliferation-Heidi Abrahamse

South Africa

Laser Research Centre,
Faculty of Health Sciences,
University of Johannesburg.

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Heidi Abrahamse


P.O.Box 17011,Doornfontein,
Johannesburg,South Africa 2028.

Research Interests:

Stem cell differentiation and proliferation, Adult Stem cell therapy, Cancer stem cells, regenerative medicine, photodynamic therapy, wound healing


  • Prof. Heidi Abrahamse BSc (RAU), BSc Honours (Biochemistry and Psychology; US, UNISA), 
  • MSc (Medical Biochemistry; US), 
  • PhD (Molecular biology/Biochemistry; Wits University), is currently the Director of the Laser Research Centre in the Faculty of Health Sciences, UJ.  
  • As an NRF C-rated scientist with numerous accredited research publications, her research interests include, photobiology and photochemistry with specific reference to photodynamic cancer therapy, stem cell therapy and diabetic wound healing.   
  • She was the recipient of the University of Johannesburg Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Award for Outstanding Researcher of the Year, 2010 and has supervised over 40 post-graduate students and hosted 5 post-doctoral fellows.  
  • She serves on a number of research-related university committees (incl. SHDC, URC) for both universities and science councils (UJ/CSIR Steering Committee) and regularly reviews grant applications and panel reviews for the NRF, MRC, Innovation fund, RISP, SARCHi and Thuthuka.  
  • She was recently elected to serve on the University of Johannesburg Council. 
  • She also serves on international councils and executive committees including the World Association for Laser Therapy, World Academy of Laser Applications and the European Medical Laser Association and serves on the editorial boards of 5 peer-reviewed internationally accredited journals.  
  • Her academic career spanning more than 20 years from junior lecturer at Wits University to research professor at UJ, provide her with substantial experience in tertiary education and research.