Name: Luz Allende

Country: Argentina


Institute of the Conurbano,
National University of General Sarmiento.

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MArìa Juan Guitierrez 1150,
Los Polvorines 81613) Buenos Aires Province Argentina Juan Maria Gutierrez 1150,
Los Polvorines 81613) Province of Buenos Aires Argentina.

Research Interests:

Limnology, Phytoplankton, Ecology, and Biodiversity Restoration, Phyto-restoration


Publications with arbitration. 
  1. Lozano VL, Vinocur A., Sage and GarcÃa C., Allende L., Cristos D., Rojas D., Wolansky M. & Pizarro H. (2017 - in press). Effects of glyphosate and 2,4-D mixture on freshwater phytoplankton and periphyton communities: a microcosm approach. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, United States. 
  2. Izaguirre I., Saad JF, Schiaffino MR, Vinocur A., Tell G., Sanchez ML, Morphology of Cryptogams (Department of Biodiversity and Experimental Biology –FCEyN –UBA). 
  3. General Ecology (Department of Ecology, Genetics and Evolution - FCEyN - UBA). 
  4. Limnology (Department of Ecology, Genetics and Evolution - FCEyN - UBA). 
  5. Bachelor thesis. Address of Miss Julieta Silvoso (FCEyN –UBA). Date of defense: July 25, 2008. Qualification: 10 Assistant Director of Mr. Mauro Dos Nascimento (FCEyN –UBA). Date of defense: September 9, 2009 Qualification: 10 Address of Miss Luciana Avigliano (FCEyN –UBA). Date of defense: August 19, 2011
  6. Doctorate career. Thesis Director: Dr. Irina Izaguirre. Thesis topic: Structure of phytoplankton fractions of Antarctic lakes of BahÃa Esperanza with contrasting trophic status. Summer and interannual variations, and interactions with other planktonic components. Date of approval of the thesis: 25/11/2004.