Name: Fernando Vazquez-Alaniz

Country: Mexico


Ministry of Health, Investigation, Mexico City.

Phone no: (52)618-1373321, (52)618-157-9002.

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Investigador En Ciencias Medicas
Hospital General 450
Servicios De Salud De Durango.

Research Interests:

Cell Biology, Genotyping, Obstetric Delivery, Reproductive Medicine, Prenatal Diagnosis, Screening, Oxidative Stress Biomarkers, Developmental Biology, Hematology, Fetal Growth Restriction, Molecular Biological Techniques, Endocrinology, Fetal Medicine, Fetal Development, Prenatal Ultrasonography, Preeclampsia, Fetal Growth Retardation, Fetal Diseases, Pregnancy, Clinical Chemistry, Fetal Therapies, Biochemical Assays, Hematocrit, Trophoblasts, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, Fetal Death, Blood Cell Count, HELLP Syndrome, Targeted Gene Repair.



  1. Polymorphisms in GSTT1 and GSTM1 genes are associated to increased risk of preeclampsia in Mexican mestizo population.
  2. Relationship Between Blood Lead Levels and Hematological Indices in Pregnant Women.
  3. Arsenic exposure and risk of preeclampsia in a Mexican mestizo population.
  4. The relationship between blood lead levels and occupational exposure in a pregnant population.
  5. Combined Genotypes -509ct / 869tc Gene Tgfb1 Associated with Preeclampsia.
  6. Lack of association between Toxoplasma gondii infection and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy: A case-control study in a Northern Mexican population.
  7. Polymorphisms in DNA repair genes (APEX1, XPD, XRCC1 and XRCC3) and risk of preeclampsia in a Mexican mestizo population.
  8. Haplotype analysis of TGF-β1 gene in a preeclamptic population of northern Mexico.
  9. SLC41A1 is the only magnesium responsive gene significantly overexpressed in placentas of preeclamptic women.
  10. Association of COMT G675A and MTHFR C677T polymorphisms with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in Mexican mestizo population.