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Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice on Prevention of Sparganosis Infection among Inhabitants of Babati District, Tanzania

Knowledge, Beliefs and Attitudes of Turkish Patients on In-Center Hemodialysis Toward Home Hemodialysis: A Pilot Study

The Pharmacist Knowledge and Computer Skills Towards E-Health. Results of A Survey among Italian Community Pharmacists

Influence of Education Sources on Osteoporosis Knowledge and Calcium Intake in Adult Women: A cross sectional Study

HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices among Truck Drivers in Burkina Faso.

Knowledge, Perception And Practice Of Preventive Lifestyle Against HIV/AIDS Among Students Of A Tertiary Educational Institution In South Eastern Nigeria.

Distinguishing between Knowledge Gaps and Misconceptions of Alzheimer’s Disease among Caregivers in the UK

Family Caregivers’ Knowledge About Their Ill Relatives’ Mental Illness And Treatment: Perspectives From The Niger Delta Region Of Nigeria

New Knowledge and Research Needs for End-of-Life Care Among Elderly Persons in Long-Term Care Settings

Journal of Enzymes for a New Applicable Knowledge

The Necessity of Advancing Our Knowledge on Assistive Technologies to Better Support Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Assessment of Pupils’ Knowledge and Practices Towards Prevention and Control of Tungiasis Infestation in Ugenya Sub County, Kenya

Epilepsy: Knowledge and Attitudes of Primary School Teachers in the City of Bouake/Ivory Coast

The Knowledge Levels of Pediatricians about the Vaccination against Pertussis

Knowledge about Sexual and Reproductive Health among School Enrolled Adolescents in Tololar, Nicaragua, A Cross-Sectional Study

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Healthcare Workers Towards Availability of Antiretroviral Pre-Exposure Prohylaxis in Nigeria

How Knowledge on Microbiota may be Helpful to Establish an Optimal Diet for Health Maintenance

Design Support to steer Creative Wicked Problem Solving Processes with Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence

International Comparison of Children’s Knowledge, Barriers and Reported Fluid Intake Across the School Day.

Role of Religion on Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Lactating Mothers on Infant Feeding

Variation of Ethnomycological Knowledge in a Community from Central Mexico

Knowledge and Practice for Bio-Medical Waste Management among Healthcare Personnel at Kabgayi District Hospital, Rwanda

The Knowledge and Perception of Hand Hygiene Among Health Care Workers in Clinical Settings in Khartoum State - Sudan

Factors Influencing Tuberculosis Knowledge among TB Patients in Gakenke District, Rwanda

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Prescribers towards Antimicrobial Stewardship at Hospitals in Khartoum State - Sudan

Nutritional Status and Nutrition-Related knowledge Among Urban Adolescent Girls in Bangladesh