Journal of Women's Reproductive Health

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Women's Reproductive Health-PCR-Usha Sharma


Associate Professor, 
Pathology under Assam Medical Education Service, 
Govt of Assam.

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Usha Sharma


MD, PhD, Associate Professor,
Department of Pathology,
Gauhati Medical College Hospital,
Bhangagarh, Guwahati-781032,
Assam, India.

Research Interests:

PCR, Immunohistochemistry, Oncology, Virus, Histopathology, Histology, Diagnostics, Surgical Pathology, Primer, Staining, Cytology, Cytopathology, Multiplex PCR, Nested PCR.



  1. ER & PR Status of Breast Cancer – A Single Center Study From Guwahati, North East India.
  2. Distribution of Human Papilloma Virus Infections of Uterine Cervix among Women of Reproductive Age - a Cross Sectional Hospital-Based Study from North East India.
  3. Licensed Under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY Frequency of Major Blood Group Antigens among Blood Donors at a Tertiary Level Hospital in North- East India Running Title: Frequency of Major Blood Group Antigens among Blood Donors.
  4. Pathology of ovarian tumour-A hospital based study..
  5. Diagnostic value of thyroid FNAC.
  6. A Protease Isolated from the Latex of Plumeria rubra Linn (Apocynaceae) 2: Anti-inflammatory and Wound-Healing Activities.
  7. Demographic Characteristic of Hpv Infection in Women -A Hospital Based Study From Guwahati, India.
  8. Detection of Human Papilloma Virus Dna from Dry Paper Cervical Smear-A Hospital Based Study.
  9. Dr Leena Talukdar et al JMSCR Volume 2 Issue 8 August 2014 HIV Threat: A Study among Blood Donors Authors.
  10. Medical Science Histopathological Pattern of Sinonasal Masses Reported in A Tertiary Level Hospital.