Journal of Tissue Repair and Regeneration

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Tissue Repair and Regeneration -stem cell-Ki-Chul Hwang

Korea, Republic Of

Catholic Kwandong university

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Ki-Chul Hwang


Simgokro 100gil,
25 Seo-Gu Incheon Metropolitan City,

Research Interests:

stem cell, microRNA, cardiovascular disease



  1. Enhanced calreticulin expression promotes calcium-dependent apoptosis in postnatal cardiomyocytes.
  2. In vitro expansion of mesenchymal stem cells using 3-d matrix derived from cardiac fibroblast.
  3. Chemicals that modulate stem cell differentiation.
  4. Cordycepin inhibits vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation.
  5. Integrin-Linked Kinase Is Required in Hypoxic Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Strengthening Cell Adhesion to Ischemic Myocardium.
  6. Mesenchymal Stem Cells Pretreated with Delivered Hph-1-Hsp70 Protein Are Protected from Hypoxia-Mediated Cell Death and Rescue Heart Functions from Myocardial Injury.
  7. Cordyceps pruinosa extract Induce apoptosis of HeLa cells by caspase dependent pathway.
  8. Reactive Oxygen Species Inhibit Adhesion of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Implanted into Ischemic Myocardium via Interference of Focal Adhesion Complex.
  9. The role of microRNA-23b in the differentiation of MSC into chondrocyte by targeting protein kinase A signaling
  10. Cardiomyocytes from phorbol myristate acetate-activated mesenchymal stem cells restore electromechanical function in infarcted rat hearts.