Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine

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Sports and Exercise Medicine-Cell Culture-Rodolfo Paula Vieira


Brazilian Institute of Teaching and Research in Pulmonary and Exercise Immunology (IBEPIPE)

Brazil University and School of Medical Sciences of Sao Jose dos Campos Humanitas

+55 12 3018-8538, +55 12 98143-1203, +55 12 3303-8390

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Rodolfo Paula Vieira


Rua Pedro Ernesto 240, Apartment 251, São José dos
Campos, SP, Brazil, CEP 12245-520.

Research Interests:

Cell Culture, Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology, Flow Cytometry, Cell Biology, Inflammation, Immunology, Tumors, Innate Immunity, Animal Physiology, Pharmacology, Signaling Pathways, Lung Diseases, Cellular Immunology, Cytokines, Macrophage, T Lymphocytes, Muscle, Allergic Diseases, Asthma, Lung, Respiratory Mechanics, Respiration Disorders, Airway Obstruction, Asthma Management, Spirometry, Dendritic Cells, Allergy Diagnosis, Tumor Immunology, Allergens, Regulatory T Cell, Macrophage Biology, Bronchoalveolar Lavage, Asthma Research, Allergic Asthma, IL-6,Venoms, Eosinophils, IL-10, Respiratory Diseases, Neutrophils, Epithelial Cell, Pulmonary Emphysema, Animal Venoms, Animal Asthma Models, Asthma Biology, Respiratory Muscles.



  1. Production of Serotonin by Tryptophan Hydroxylase 1 and Release via Platelets Contribute to Allergic Airway Inflammation.
  2. Effects of aerobic exercise on chronic allergic airway inflammation and remodeling in guinea pigs.
  3. Respiratory mechanics study in experimental animal model of venom-induced acute lung injury: A new proposal for an old technique.
  4. Exercise Inhibits Allergic Lung Inflammation.
  5. Attenuated allergic airway inflammation in Cd39-/- mice.
  6. 59. Long-term amphetamine treatment increases inflammatory lung reaction and reduces upper airway reactivity after allergic lung inflammation in rats.
  7. Wound-healing effects of low-level laser therapy in diabetic rats involve the modulation of MMP-2 and MMP-9 and the redistribution of collagen types I and III.
  8. Low-Level Laser Therapy and Sodium Diclofenac in Acute Inflammatory Response Induced by Skeletal Muscle Trauma: Effects in Muscle Morphology and mRNA Gene Expression of Inflammatory Markers.
  9. Purinergic P2Y(2) Receptors Promote Neutrophil Infiltration and Hepatocyte Death in Mice With Acute Liver Injury.
  10. Attenuated allergic airway inflammation in Cd39 null mice.