Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine

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Sports and Exercise Medicine-Strength training in athletes-Gerasimos Grivas


Department of Physical Education and Sport Science,
University of Thessaly.

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Gerasimos Grivas


Aspropotamou 3B,

Research Interests:

Strength training in athletes, Running economy in distance runners, Antioxidants in athletes, Maximize performance in athletes.



  1. Coaching on Long Distance Roads.
  2. The Effects Of Detraining On Deconditioning Of Cardiovascular Parameters In Adolescent Middle And Long Distance Athletes.
  3. Aging is not a barrier to muscle and redox adaptations: Applying the repeated eccentric exercise model.
  4. Stair Descending Exercise Using a Novel Automatic Escalator: Effects on Muscle Performance and Health-Related Parameters.
  5. Stair descending exercise increases muscle strength in elderly males with chronic heart failure.
  6. Strength Training in Strength and Strength Streets.
  7. The effect of a combinatorial program of balance - plyometric training on jumping ability of taekwondo athletes.
  8. The Effects Of Strength Training On Running Economy In Highly Trained Runners.
  9. The effects of strength training on running economy in highly trained runners: a systematic review with meta-analysis of controlled trials.
  10. The effect of exercise-induced hypoxemia on blood redox status in well-trained rowers.
  11. Low-Frequency Fatigue as an Indicator of Eccentric Exercise-Induced Muscle Injury: The Role of Vitamin E.
  12. Exercise as a model to study redox homeostasis in blood: The effect of protocol and sampling point.
  13. An oxidant stimulus may induce both oxidative and reductive stress: the issue of redox individuality.
  14. Altering redox homeostasis in humans: the repeated eccentric exercise model.