Journal of Robotic Surgery and Artificial Intelligence

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Robotic Surgery and Artificial Intelligence -signal processing-Tito G. Amaral


Institute of Systems and Robotics.

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Tito G. Amaral



Research Interests:

signal processing, robotics, modelling and advanced inference learning techniques.



  1. Cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter with a fault detection scheme based on the statistic moments indexes.
  2. 3D Solder Joint Reconstruction on SMD based on 2D Images.
  3. A computer based system for the teaching of fault diagnosis in power electronic inverters.
  4. Fault detection and diagnosis in a PV grid-connected T-type three level inverter.
  5. Development of an experimental system for teaching induction motors with fault detection and diagnosis capabilities.
  6. Fault detection and diagnosis of voltage source inverter using the 3D current trajectory mass center.
  7. Rotor fault diagnosis in induction motors using S-Transform.
  8. Power quality disturbances classification using the 3-D space representation and PCA based neuro-fuzzy approach.
  9. Induction motor fault detection and diagnosis using a current state space pattern recognition.
  10. Adaptive method for skin detection in coloured images.