Journal of Applied Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

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Robotic Surgery and Artificial Intelligence -Machine Learning-Bassant Elbagoury


​Assistant Professor,
Ain Shams University.

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Bassant Elbagoury


Cairo, Egypt

Research Interests:

Machine Learning, MATLAB Simulation, Classification, Robotics, Algorithms, Automation & Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Software Engineering, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Kalman Filtering, Robot Motion Planning, Tracking, Sensor Fusion, Support Vector Machine, Motion Planning, Reinforcement Learning, Medical Robotics, Cognitive Robotics.


Head of Robotics and Intelligent systems Group,
Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics,
Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences,
Ain Shams University,
Former PhD Researcher of German Team of Robotics.


  1. Design of Neural Network for Rehabilitation Robotics.
  2. Utilization of Levenberg-Marquardt based Neural Network Classifier in EMG signal Classification.
  3. Remote Computer-Aided Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis System Based on Cytological Images.
  4. Automated Cell Nuclei Segmentation for Breast Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology.
  5. Design a Cost Effective Non-Holonomic Vehicle for Autonomous Driving Applications.
  6. A Comparative Analysis for Support Vector Machines for Stroke Patients.
  7. Breast Fine Needle Tumor Classification using Neural Networks.
  8. A Hybrid Case-Based and Content-Based Retrieval Engine for Mobile Cancer Management System - MCMS.