Journal of Psychophysiology Practice and Research

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Psychophysiology Practice and Research-neurological rehabilitation-ESRA DOGRU HUZMELI


Mustafa KEmal University School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


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Mustafa KEmal University Hatay, Turkey

Research Interests:

neurological rehabilitation, pschology



  1. Efficacy of Telerehabilitation in Patients with Stroke in Turkey: A Pilot Study.
  2. Researching Effects of Drawing on Prevalence of CarpalTunnelSyndromewith Architecture Students 
  3. The effectiveness of dance therapy on pain in patients with venous insufficiency.
  4. Effects of Yoga on Sleep Quality, Depression in Children withCerebral Palsy.
  5. Sensory, cognitive and motor disorders in patients with type 2 diabetes.
  6. A Case Report: Balance Training with Virtual Reality in Patients withBilateral Peripheral Vestibulopathy.
  7. Injuries in wheelchair basketball players.
  8. Comparing newborn hearing test batteries: TEOAE and A-ABR-pilot study.
  9. Effect of sensory training on the posterior thigh on trunk control and upper extremity functions in stroke patients.
  10. Efficacy of Telerehabilitation in Patients with Stroke in Turkey: A Pilot Study.