Journal of Proteomics and Genomics Research

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Proteomics and Genomics Research-HIV-1 genetics and immunology.
-Larance Ronsard


Larance Ronsard, 
Senior Research Fellow / PhD, 

+91 9971472605

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Larance Ronsard


Larance Ronsard,
Senior Research Fellow / PhD,
Laboratory of Virology-II,
National Institute of Immunology,
JNU Campus, New Delhi-110067, India.

Research Interests:

HIV-1 genetics and immunology.


  • M.Sc Biotechnology,
  • Phd Microbiology,
  • expert in Gene sequencing, phylogenetics, recombinational analysis, protein dynamics and other bioinformatic techniques.


  1. Genetic and functional characterization of HIV-1 Vif on APOBEC3G degradation: First report of emergence of B/C recombinants from North India.
  2. BDMC-A, an analog of curcumin, inhibits markers of invasion, angiogenesis, and metastasis in breast cancer cells via NF- k B pathway—A comparative study with curcumin.
  3. Apoptosis induction by an analog of curcumin (BDMC-A) in human laryngeal carcinoma cells through intrinsic and extrinsic pathways.
  4. Impact of genetic variations in HIV-1 Tat on LTR-mediated transcription via TAR RNA interaction..
  5. Neuroprotective effect of Valeriana wallichii rhizome extract against the neurotoxin MPTP in C57BL/6 mice.
  6. Molecular and Genetic Characterization of Natural HIV-1 Tat Exon-1 Variants from North India and Their Functional Implications.
  7. Mechanism of apoptotic induction in human breast cancer cell, MCF-7, by an analog of curcumin in comparison with curcumin - An in vitro and in silico approach.
  8. Effect on HIV-1 Gene Expression, Tat-Vpr Interaction and Cell Apoptosis by Natural Variants of HIV-1 Tat Exon 1 and Vpr from Northern India.
  9. Genetic Characterization of Natural Variants of Vpu from HIV-1 Infected Individuals from Northern India and Their Impact on Virus Release and Cell Death.
  10. Genetic architecture of HIV-1 genes circulating in north India & their functional implications.