Journal of Primates

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Primates-Wildlife Conservation-Baoping Ren


Associated professor of Key Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Conservation Biology, IOZ, CAS.


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Baoping Ren


Dr. Baoping Ren Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100080, China 

Research Interests:

Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Ecology, Behavioral Ecology, Endangered Species, Population Ecology, Animal Behavior, Ethology, Field Studies
Food, Field Experience, Biology, Ecology, Zoology, Evolutionary Biology, Social Science.


  • 1996.10-1997.10  Co-principal investigator, mammalian survey in Zhouzhi National Reserve for the fauna biodiversity (Granted by GEF).
  • 1996.10-1998.10 Co-principal investigator, habitat, distribution and conservational strategy of Sichuan snub-nosed monkeys in Qinling Mountains (Granted by Pro Natural Fund).
  • 1998.10-1999.2  Principal investigator, habitat changes of the Sichuan snub-nosed monkey in Qinling under human impact (granted by Primate Conservation Fund)
  • 1996.9-1999.2    Principal investigator, spatial distribution of the Sichuan snub-nosed monkey in Zhouzhi Natural Reserve.
  • 2000.5-2002.5   Principal investigator, reproductive behavior of the Sichuan snub-nosed monkey in semi-captivity in Shanghai Wild Animal Park (granted by Innovative Young Scientists Group of Bio-science and Bio-technology).
  • 2002.5-2002.9   Assistant for the Secretary-General of Organizing Committee of the 19th Congress of International Primatology, held in Beijing, August 4-9, 2002. Participating the precongress training programme “Developing conservation initiatives for primates” during the congress and give a presentation on male copulatory patterns of the Sichuan snub-nosed monkey.
  • 2002.9-2006.12  Main fieldwork for the project of Long-Term Research on Ecology and Conservation of the Yunnan Snub-Nosed Monkey in Laojunshan Site Conservation Project supported by TNC. Collecting materials related this project, drafting the proposal and securing permits from different levels of Chinese government for capturing the Yunnan Sub-nosed monkey and Red infrared remote sensing.
  • 2006.3-now, Fieldwork for the project of Long-Term Research on Ecology and Conservation of the Yunnan Snub-Nosed Monkey at Xiangguqing in Baimaxueshan Nature Reserve funded by TNC. And a long-term research base in Tacheng Town is setting up for the monkey in Xiangguqing and Gehuaqing.
  • 2012.10-now , Field work in ranging behaviors of the newest snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus strykeri) at Pianma in Nujiang prefecture, Yunnan province, China.