Journal of New Developments in Chemistry

Journal of New Developments in Chemistry

Journal of New Developments in Chemistry

Current Issue Volume No: 1 Issue No: 1

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Editorial of the First Issue - Journal of New Developments in Chemistry

1Visiting Faculty in Cheminformatics, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

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Received 07 Jan 2014; Accepted 01 Feb 2014; Published 07 Jul 2014;

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Qian Zhu (2014) Editorial of the First Issue - Journal of New Developments in Chemistry. Journal of New Developments in Chemistry - 1(1):1-1.

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DOI 10.14302/issn.2377-2549.jndc-14-edt-1.1


After months of expectation, it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the first issue of Journal of New Developments in Chemistry. We would like to take this great opportunity to appreciate all the contributions from the authors, the referees, editorial board and editorial staffs who have been involved in the birth of this journal.

Chemistry, as one of the core fundamental sciences attempting to understand the structures and characteristics of substances and to create new compounds with desirable properties and functions, has played an important role in achieving a sustainable civilization on Earth for human beings. It has been chemists’ inevitable responsibility to tackle a broad range of social and global issues associated with energy, materials, environment, and health. In one aspect, Chemical process that targets with a 100% yield and 100% selectivity must be economical, safe, resource-efficient, energy-efficient and environmentally benign. Another trend of chemistry is to merge with other fields to form interdisciplinary science. For example, chemistry has rapidly expanded into the field of life sciences, material sciences and computer sciences. Developments in these areas are important to modern life and improve the public health. Through chemical biology and chemical genomics aided by advanced computer technologies, the use of genetic information has led to the so-called individualized or molecular medicine. The moving of structure to function has seen major progresses in advanced functional materials spanning from high performance organic polymers to ceramics, sensor, and to fuel cell. It is imagined that chemistry will continue to prosper in our limitless scientific creations.

In this initial issue, we present you the very first collection of high quality work from researchers around the world, covering the important researches in chemistry. We hope you have found these articles stimulating and enjoyable.

In conclusion, we hope that Journal of New Developments in Chemistry will meet your expectations for a high quality journal, in which you would consider publishing your important research results. We will continue to work hard to provide an exceptional service to both our authors and readers while maintaining the standards that we have set out to achieve. Thank you for your interest in the journal and we wish you a successful 2014.