Journal of Language Research

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Language Research-Applied linguistics Language education Language teaching-fatih yavuz


Balikesir University 

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fatih yavuz


Balıkesir, Turkey

Research Interests:

  • Applied linguistics Language education Language teaching,
  •  Research methods Second language learning,Phonology and
  •  phonetics,Language acquisition,
  • Computational linguistics blended learning


  • The Attitudes of English Teachers about the Use of L1 in the Teaching of L2
  • The Use of Concordancing Programs in ELT
  • Pre-service Teachers’ Attitudes to Foreign Language Teaching; Change or Status Quo?
  • Pre-Service Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Grammar Teaching
  • Foreign language listening anxiety among Turkish EFL learners
  • The effect of drama in the teaching of listening skills
  • Perceptions of lecturers on grammar with regard to the four skills teaching
  • The importance of listening in communication
  • Using fairy tales as a model to enhance learners’ writing organization skill
  • Using fairy tales as a model to enhance learners’ writing organization skill
  • Religious education and multiculturalism in Norwegian curriculum