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The Relationship of Chronic Pain to Attitudes Toward Sucide and Physician-Assisted Suicide among Latino and Non Hispanic White Elders

O. Martinez Ruben  1 J. Santiago Olga  2 V. Espino David  3 Velez Ortiz Daniel  4
1 Julian Samora Research Institute, Michigan State University 2 Department of Psychology, Michigan State University 3 School of Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center 4 School of Social Work, Michigan State University

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Page Numbers  14-25

Palliative Care for Cancer Patients and their Relatives in Dutch Community-Based Psychosocial Support Centers (CBPSCs)

Visser Adriaan  1
1 Employed at the Rotterdam Applied University, Centre of Expertise for Innovations in Care, Rotterdam, the Netherlands during the study. Currently director and researcher at, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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