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Article Processing Charges


Journal of Ophthalmic Science supports you to publish your research through Open Access publication model which helps your research to reach the entire scientific community with no barriers.

JOS promotes scientific research via various types of articles such as Research, Review, Literature Review, Perspective articles, Conference Proceedings, Commentary, Mini review, Opinion, Short communication, Rapid Communication, Clinical Images, Case Report, Letter to the Editor, Editorials. etc.,

To cover the costs of publication, an Article Processing Charge is essential and the charge levied are varies based on the “type of the article” and “Country Economy Classification

Country Classification Research, Review, Literature Review, Perspective articles, Conference Proceedings (APC in USD) Commentary, Mini review, Opinion, Short & Rapid Communication (APC in USD) Clinical Images, Case Report, Letter to the Editor, Editorials (APC in USD)
High-Income $2160 $1860 $1500
Upper-Middle Income $1810 $1585 $1260
Lower-Middle Income $1560 $1210 $1060
Low-income countries $900 $900 $900
Countries are categorized based on the economy defined by the “World Bank”.  More details can be found at
The Article Processing Charges cover the editorial and production costs of the journal, for hosting the website, publishing non-plagiarized articles online, composing HTML, PDF and XML versions of the articles and submitting the articles in electronic citation database like Crossref and other prominent indexing sites….

Why charge?

Recognize the benefits of publishing your research with JOS:
By collecting the Article Processing Charge from authors, institutions or research funding bodies, we cover the various publishing services like:
  • Professional Author service: Dedicated personal assistance to authors and readers 24X7.
  • Editorial work: Rapid Peer review process with excellent administrative support.
  • Open access: All the published articles are available for free to all interested online visitors.
  • Production of articles: Formatting and markup of articles and inclusion in indexing services.
  • Copyright: All articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
  • Promoting of published content: Making sure readers and researchers know about the work published.
  • Memberships: Become a member of our active collaboration, pursue ambitious objectives in a highly professional environment.
  • Technical innovation and framework: Improvement, maintenance and operation of websites and online manuscript zone system.

Special Waivers

Editors and Reviewers:

Our editors and reviewers can avail many exciting waivers of up to 30% on the original APC charges and if any other waivers are available at that time, they cannot be used in combination. 


We provide special waivers to the authors from lower-middle and low-income countries by providing partial waivers depending on the level of inconvenience. 


If you are a student and lack funds, we allow a special charge of $540 USD flat for any type of publication. Hence students belonging to this category can utilize the special charge.
Note: Students must have original ID proof from the corresponding university.

Is there any withdrawal charge?

Withdrawal charges are 30% of the Article Processing Charges (APC). They are applicable if the paper has to be withdrawn after 3 days of submission. Kindly make note of this before you submit your manuscript. You may not submit elsewhere without official withdrawal of manuscript and it will be considered ethical misconduct if you do so and will be dealt accordingly.

How to Pay?

Upon acceptance, an email is forwarded with a payment link along with the instructions, you just need to follow the link and complete the payment method. 

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us at ‚úČ [email protected]


Last Updated on 18th July 2019