Journal of Antioxidant Activity

ISSN: 2471-2140


Volume: 1

Issue No: 1

1 Review-article Published on 2014-10-31     DOI: 10.14302/issn.2471-2140.jaa-14-423
Title: The Potentials of Antioxidant Micronutrients in the Management of Metabolic Syndrome
Page Numbers  1-21
2 Research-article Published on 2015-06-06     DOI: 10.14302/issn.2471-2140.jaa-14-617
Title: Comparison of Two Analytical Methods used for the Measurement of Total Antioxidant Status
Page Numbers  22-28
3 Research-article Published on 2015-06-10     DOI: 10.14302/issn.2471-2140.jaa-14-616
Title: Anti-Oxidant Phytochemicals as Potential Treatments for Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Page Numbers  29-41
4 Research-article Published on 2015-12-15     DOI: 10.14302/issn.2471-2140.jaa-15-797
Title: Induction of Antioxidant Capacity and Hydroxymethylfurfural Content Variations by Modifications of Cooked Fruit Processing.
Page Numbers  42-54
5 Research-article Published on 2015-12-22     DOI: 10.14302/issn.2471-2140.jaa-15-765
Title: Radical-Scavenging and Anti-Oxidative Activities of TBN in Cell-Free System and Murine H9c2 Cardiomyoblast Cells
Page Numbers  55-68