International Journal of Infection Prevention

International Journal of Infection Prevention

International Journal of Infection Prevention

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Aims and Scope

International Journal of Infection Prevention promotes the publication of inventive and advanced research work in the field of infection. It aims to maintain a medium for the researchers to submit and exchange the knowledge gained worldwide. This Journal accepts submissions in the form of Research, Review, Literature review, Conference proceedings, Case reports, Short communication, Thesis, Letter to the editor, and Editorials in the research areas of Infection.


IJIP is committed to research that is applicable to clinical practice, the development of prevention interventions, and the promotion of health care policy.
Featuring articles focusing on both emerging and established areas in the field, IJIP is the perfect choice for researchers and practitioners who want to gain the latest knowledge in infection prevention. 


IJIP seeks to promote a deeper understanding of the causes, development, transmission, and prevention of various infectious diseases. The overall objective is to enhance public health protection by improving the knowledge base and practice of infection prevention and control measures. 


The journal also examines the impact of global pandemics, resource shortages, and pandemic preparedness in infectious disease prevention. It considers the influence of geography, economics, and politics on the spread of infectious diseases, highlighting ways to better understand and address global public health needs.


We strive diligently to empower the community expand their knowledge and comprehension of fundamental concepts such as environmental quality and biologic principles of infection prevention, as well as to maintain the best standards of care in terms of safety, efficacy, and cost efficiency. Submissions that focus on quality improvement, cost-effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and patient experience are encouraged.


The journal covers topics such as: epidemiology, infection prevention strategies, antimicrobial stewardship, antibiotic resistance, pathogen transmission, laboratory diagnosis and surveillance, vaccine development and delivery, health care-related infections, antimicrobial drugs and biotechnology, microbial ecology and microbial genomics, antibiotics and drug resistance, safe disinfection and sterilization, nosocomial and healthcare-associated infections (HAI), vaccine-preventable diseases, risk evaluation of medical devices, outbreak investigations, water and food safety, infection control education, public and environmental health, patient safety, surveillance, population health management and global health.


Here the list of keywords is specified, which resembles the scope of our journals, but not confined to keywords which we specified. Users can also provide us with recent keywords at [email protected]


  • Antifungals
  • Antimicrobial agents
  • Antivirals
  • Antimicrobial chemotherapy
  • Bloodborne and exposure control
  • Community healthcare
  • Control of HIV/aids from STDs & STIs
  • Control of infections during pregnancy
  • Control of organs transplantation infection
  • Control of zika/malaria/dengue viral infections
  • Decontamination
  • Disinfecting with UV technology
  • Disinfection and sterilization
  • Emerging and re-emerging infections
  • Epidemiology and infection control
  • Food and drug administration
  • Fungal infections/germs
  • Hepatitis c
  • Hospital infections and epidemiology
  • Immunizations
  • Infectious agents
  • Infection associated with intravascular therapy
  • Infection associated with urethral catheters
  • Infection by zoonosis
  • Infection control for veterinary practices
  • Infection control from plants
  • Infection control in clinical practice
  • Infection control in critical care
  • Infection control in dialysis
  • Infection control in intravenous therapy/physical therapy
  • Infection control nursing
  • Infection control procedures
  • Infection control products/infection rates
  • Infection control risk assessment
  • Infection novel therapies
  • Infection prevention, control, and cure
  • Infection treatment and prevention control
  • Influenza related illness/influenza virus
  • Microorganisms and their control
  • Microbial pathogenesis and virulence
  • Primary care
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Pediatric infections prevention and control
  • Personal hygiene practices
  • Plant pathology and diseases control
  • Practices and awareness of infection control
  • Preventing gastrointestinal infection
  • Rabies/ebola viral infections control
  • Resistance and emerging infectious organisms
  • Respiratory and pulmonary infections prevention and control
  • Respiratory tract infection therapy
  • Smallpox/ chickenpox infection control
  • Surgical infections control
  • Surveillance practice for MRSA

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