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Article Processing charges (APC)

All articles published in "International Journal of General Practice" are Complete open access. We do not publish any hybrid articles. And all our articles are licensed under the single licence i.e., CC-By 4.0. This licence is the most flexible of it’s kind and adds power to your Open Access Article. No transfer of copyright is required by the author. Author retains the copyright.

Why charge?

Since APC is the sole income source for OAP publishing house, hosting this journal, and we do not display any advertisements or receive any sponsorships from any of the organizations. And we do need to pay to other professional services we utilize in providing you the best service. From plagiarism checking to promoting the published article publication has various stages and requires funds for managing them. And in this fast paced digital world upgrades and maintaining up to the standards does incur additional charge, all of which are to be addressed through these charges we receive in the form of APC.
Article Processing Charge (APC)
Article processing charges range from $150 USD to $900 USD. For more detailed break up please read further. We classify the APC based on the World Bank classificationyes of economic status of countries. Please visit this link to find the list of countries in their corresponding classification. The below mentioned waivers countrywise waivers are applicable on &”Actual charges” which are mentioned after this section.
  • Lower middle income countries can avail 50% waiver^ on actual charges
  • Upper middle income countries can avail 25% waiver^ on actual charges
  • High income countries countries can avail 0% waiver on actual charges
  • Low Income countries enjoy a special flat charge of $150 USD# and corresponds only to the countries classified as low income countries by the World Bank.

^ Applicable only when the intimation is served and acknowledgement for the same is received prior to submission.
# No other waiver is applicable on these charges

Actual charges

Research/ Review/Literature review: $900 USD* 
Short communication/ Letter/Case report/Editorial: $700 USD*

*corresponding waivers of 50% or 25% and the special charge mentioned above this section are applicable upon prior intimation and approval only!

For APC related to publishing conference proceedings as a set of abstracts, contact us at [email protected]

Withdrawal charges

Withdrawal charges are applicable if author decides to withdraw an article after 5 days of submission, $150 USD is applicable. If the manuscript is withdrawn within 5 days no withdrawal charges are applicable.

Authors are requested to clear their dues within the specified due date in the request sent. Their article cannot be published online in any of the issues until the payment is made.


Refund Policy
Refund cannot be provided under any circumstance. Hence you need to make sure that double payment should not be made. In case of any such instances or any other instances we can only provide publication credit for publishing another article by reducing the already paid amount.Retractions do not attract any kind of refund.
Require help to pay APC ?

Authors may cover their publishing charges using the funding provided by funding agencies, generally funds are allocated for this purpose. For funder compliance please check with your respective funding agencies and if you have any query for which you could not find information on our website please do contact us at

University reimbursement

If you do not have any funding for your work, your university may be willing to pay for you to publish in an open access journal. You need to contact the university office to verify if any such provision is available and make use of this reimbursement.


Special Waivers**
Editors and Reviewers

Our editors and reviewers can avail a waiver of 10% on their corresponding APC(meaning country classification + 10%), and if any other waivers are available at that time, they cannot be used in combination. Only the highest possible single waiver is applicable.


We provide special waivers for authors with financial difficulties by supporting them with partial waivers or complete waivers depending on the level of difficulty and upon publishers discretion. These waivers are limited per slot and are provided on first come first serve basis. Please apply only if you genuinely require this waiver, since it may help some other author who is really in need to utilize it.

Student waiver

If you are a student and lack funds, we allow a special charge of $300 USD flat for any type of publication from any country classification. Low income country classification has a flat charge of $150 USD for everybody, hence students belonging to this category can utilize the special charge.

For approval of special waivers contact us at [email protected]

**Any waiver requests should be approved prior to submission. No waiver requests will be approved after submission.

Member Institution

If your institution is a member of this journal, then you can avail a benefit of 15% waiver on your corresponding APC(meaning country classification+15%). There is no charge for an institutional membership. However we need an official declaration on the university letterhead from the appropriate authority for them to be listed as our members. Once this process is done authors belonging to that university are eligible for this waiver. Alternatively if your institution is willing to join us in a manner that all its authors can publish without any charges, we do have amicable plans for them. Please do contact us at [email protected]

All the journals hosted by OAP along with their APC’s can be found here:

How to Pay?

An email with the payment link along with instruction on how to pay will be forwarded and you just need to follow that link and complete the payment. If you did not receive the payment link then do contact us.

For any queries related to APC please contact us at: [email protected]

Last Updated on 11th June, 2018