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Page Numbers  1-8

The 3cs- CULTURE- CONFLICT- CHANGE, Educational Organizations Downfall If Unaddressed: A Reflective Paper

J. Grant Coke, PhD Monique  1


Page Numbers  9-23

Perspectives of Workplace Incivility and Nurses Intent to Quit: Investigations Examined

J. Grant Coke, Ph.D Monique  1


Page Numbers  24-34

Practical Suggestions for Win-Win, Win-Lose, Lose-Win, and Lose-Lose Strategies in Mediation or Arbitration

L. Buresh, Ph.D., JD, LL.M. Donald  1


Page Numbers  35-62

The 2020 Presidential Election and Should Social Media Laws that Affect the Outcome of Intellectual Property Laws Be Dramatically Changed?

L. Buresh, Ph.D. Esq. Donald  1

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