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Membership and Author benefits
                                                                                                 50% Waiver on the Individual Membership


What is membership and how it works? 
Membership entitles the author(s) to a complete waiver of article processing charges (APC) as well as other beneficial benefits such as language enhancement for the total number of years subscribed. Membership is valid from the number of years subscribed up to and beginning on the date of subscription(Date as date).


Membership plans: 

  • Individual

  • Institutional

  • For Industrial/Company memberships please contact us.

You can contact us at: [email protected]


To be eligible for the waiver, you must be an author or co-author on the submitted manuscript. You can select any of our journals to publish in during the selected membership period and take advantage of the offered author advantages at the same time.

  • Membership certificate
  • 5 manuscripts per year. "5 manuscripts per year" means an author can submit any number of manuscripts but charge waived for 5 accepted manuscripts excluding special issue.
  • 30% discount for special issue APC *
  • Discount offers from our partners for conferences. This is subject to availability and partner terms.
  • Language editing, complete details can be found here



Amount in USD

1 Year


2 Year



An institutional membership offers authors from the subscribing institution free publication opportunities for the committed time period in accordance with the offer made at that time, along with other author perks like language editing. Make sure your institution joins OAP by paying the membership fees. Then, send an email from an authorised institution representative confirming that the manuscript belongs to the institution and that at least one author is affiliated with the same institution.




Time period

Amount in USD



Add on

1 year


20 manuscripts APC waiver for 1 year

multiple authors, all journals

add $500 to combine another institution to use this membership

2 year



30 manuscripts APC waiver valid for 2 years

multiple authors, all journals

add $500 to combine another institution to use this membership


For Registrations and more information contact [email protected]


How to apply?

Choose the plan that's ideal for you and email us your information, including your complete name, affiliation, address, and interest journal. If we are certain we can move through with the processing of your membership, please send any additional questions you may have about these plans to [email protected].

For more time period please contact us.

Industrial and other memberships are also available starting from $5000. Please contact us for more details


Author advantages of being a member of OAP:

  • 100% of the author publishing fees that you would typically have to pay to have your work published in an open access journal are waived. It applies to the quantity of manuscripts specified in your plan for the entire time you have paid a membership fee to that particular journal.
  • From a typical plagiarism checking tool like ithenticate, you can get a plagiarism report prior to real submission for up to 10 documents of your choosing.
  • Desk review, meaning preliminary scrutiny of your manuscript by one of the peer reviewers is performed and suggestions will be provided for improving your manuscript in various aspects before submission.
  • Language editing services for your scientific manuscript provided by native English speakers are available without charge. This service guarantees that your paper won't be rejected because of improper grammar or writing.
  • Special discounts and offers for the upcoming Conferences and Scientific Events will be provided.
  • Membership is valid from the date of subscription and up to the no of years subscribed. i.e., date to date.


Important points to be noted:

  • The membership's special services must be used within the allotted time frame. You are not eligible for an extension if the allotted amount is not used.
  • However if you wish to renew your membership before it expires, it can be carried forward as a courtesy.
  • Renewal should be done before the last date to avail this opportunity (i.e., carry forward of remaining service slots) else it cannot be valid.


For any queries please contact us at [email protected]

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