International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine-Antioxidant Activity-Maria de Fátima da Silva Vieira Martins


University of Minho – School of Nursing.

+351 253 601299

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Maria de Fátima da Silva Vieira Martins


School of Nursing

Minho's university

Building 04 (BGUM) - 2nd floor

Campus of Gualtar

4710-057 Braga.

Research Interests:

Antioxidant Activity, Antioxidants, Polyphenols, Phenolic Compounds, Phenolic, Olive Oil.



  1. Interfacial Concentrations of Hydroxytyrosol and Its Lipophilic Esters in Intact Olive Oil-in-Water Emulsions: Effects of Antioxidant Hydrophobicity, Surfactant Concentration, and the Oil-to-Water Ratio on the Oxidative Stability of the Emulsions.
  2. A direct correlation between the antioxidant efficiencies of caffeic acid and its alkyl esters and their concentrations in the interfacial region of olive oil emulsions. The pseudophase model interpretation of the ‘‘cut-off’’ effect.
  3. Effects of the dietary incorporation of olive leaves on growth performance, digestibility, blood parameters and meat quality of growing pigs.
  4. The effect of olive leaf supplementation on the constituents of blood and oxidative stability of red blood cells.
  5. Protective Activity of Hydroxytyrosol Metabolites on Erythrocyte Oxidative-Induced Hemolysis.
  6. A simple method for the determination of bioactive antioxidants in virgin olive oils.
  7. Absorption and metabolism of olive oil secoiridoids in the small intestine.
  8. Characterization of antioxidant olive oil biophenols by spectroscopic methods.
  9. Oxidative stability of olive oil after food processing and comparison with other vegetable oils.
  10. The effect of olive leaves supplementation on the feed digestibility, growth performances of pigs and quality of pork meat.