International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine-Health Promotion-Muhamad Hanafiah Juni


Universiti Putra Malaysia, Department of Community Health, Putrajaya

+603-8947 2419

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Muhamad Hanafiah Juni


Health Service  Management Unit
Department of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, 
Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Research Interests:

Health Promotion, Public Health, Health Care Management, Cancer, Epidemiology, Health Outcomes, Questionnaire, Primary Care, Health Systems, Community Health, Health Economics, Risk Factors, Breast Cancer, Reproductive Health


  1. Evaluation of Two Ergonomics Intervention Programs in Reducing Ergonomic Risk Factors of Musculoskeletal Disorder among School Children.
  2. R2225 Cost analysis on common cold adult patients treated by private general practitioners in Sri Serdang, Malaysia in April 2005.
  3. Beliefs and Behavior of Malaysia Undergraduate Female Students in a Public University Toward Breast Self-examination Practice.
  4. Emergency contraception: Knowledge, attitudes and practices among married Malay women staff at a public university in Malaysia.
  5. Analysis of indoor air pollutants checklist using environmetric technique for health risk assessment of sick building complaint in nonindustrial workplace.
  6. Factors Associated with Glycaemic Control among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients.
  7. Principles Of District Hospital Planning.
  8. Predictors of Parental Pedestrian Safe Road Behaviour in Rural Areas in Malaysia.
  9. The Perception Of Nurses Concerning Computerised Handover And Its Influence On The Quality Of Patient Care.
  10. Result of randomized control trial to increase breast health awareness among young females in Malaysia.