International Journal of Nutrition

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International Journal of Nutrition-My research focus is on the molecular mechanism of how nutrients prevent thrombosis and inflammation-Jing Li

United States

University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Jing Li


846 S. Loomis street,
3R, Chicago,
IL, 60607, US.

Research Interests:

My research focus is on the molecular mechanism of how nutrients prevent thrombosis and inflammation, especially on cell signaling pathways mediating heterotypical cell-cell interactions during thrombosis and inflammation.


  • I am working on the molecular mechanism of thrombosis and inflammation. I have a strong background in molecular and cell biology as well as in vivo animal experiments.
  • I elucidated on how nutrient compounds (Isoliquiritigenin and Isoangustone A in licorice, as well as purple corn anthocyanins) prevent diabetic glomerulosclerosis (Li J et al. Isoliquiritigenin entails blockade of TGF-beta1-SMAD signaling for retarding high glucose-induced mesangial matrix accumulation. 2010;
  • Li J et al. Purple corn anthocyanins retarded mesangial fibrosis through inflammatory pathways: possible renoprotective role in diabetic nephropathy, In Press).
  • I found that high glucose levels stimulate renal mesangial cell proliferation which induces extracellular matrix accumulation through MAPK, TGF-SMAD and NF-B inflammation signals and endothelial cell disorder (like inflammation induced monocytes adhesion and transmigration).