International Journal of Nutrition

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International Journal of Nutrition-Nutrition Epidemiology-Nitin Shivappa

United States

University of South Carolina.

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Nitin Shivappa


19 Landmark Drive, Apt 23e,
Columbia, SC-2910,
United States.

Research Interests:

Nutrition Epidemiology, Cancer Epidemiology


  • Dr. Nitin Shivappa has collaborated with Dr. James Hébert and other members of the research group at the CPCP to modify and improve the DII™.
  • He has translated his intimate working knowledge of the DII™ into established cooperative agreements with over 120 research institutions from all around the world.
  • Their interests in utilizing the DII in research studies with a variety of outcomes range from inflammatory markers to disease end points such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and arthritis.
  • These include Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Minnesota, Karolinska Institute, University of Central London, Ghent University, University of Sao Paolo, and University of Queensland, to mention a few.
  • He has worked extensively along with Mr. Thomas Hurley and other members of the CPCP research group in creating the codes that are required to calculate DII™.
  • Dr. Shivappa has a sound knowledge and experience in using statistical software such as SPSS® and SAS®, which was used to develop the scoring algorithm for DII™.
  • He is also  knowledgeable in currently available diet and health-related apps, some of which fall short in realizing behavioral changes relative to dietary interventions.