International Journal of Medical Practitioners

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International Journal of Medical Practitioners-Emergency medicine
-Susann Jarhult


Uppsala University,
Specialist Internal Medicine 2010,
Specialist Emergency.

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Susann Jarhult


Uppsala University,
Specialist Internal Medicine 2010, 
​Specialist Emergency.

Research Interests:

Emergency medicine



  1. Hcp-03 * Newly Diagnosed Single Brain Mass - Implementation and Performance of a Hospital-Wide Management Pathway.
  2. Effect of a rapid protocol-based TIA management pathway.
  3. Brachial artery hyperaemic blood flow velocity in relation to established indices of vascular function and global atherosclerosis: the Prospective Investigation of the Vasculature in Uppsala Seniors study.
  4. Brachial artery hyperaemic blood flow velocity and left ventricular geometry.
  5. Brachial Artery Hyperemic Blood Flow Velocity is related to Concentric Remodelling of the Left Ventricle: 1c.04.
  6. Hyperemic Brachial Artery Blood Flow Velocity
  7. Brachial artery hyperemic blood flow velocities are related to carotid atherosclerosis.
  8. Hyperaemic blood‐flow velocities in systole and diastole relate to coronary risk in divergent ways.