International Journal of Limnology

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International Journal of Limnology-PCR-Ali Abid


Kerbala University.


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Ali Abid


School of Biomedical and Biological Sciences University of Plymouth UK
Kerbala University.

Research Interests:

  • PCR,qPCR and nested PCR
  • Denaturation gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE)
  • Cloning
  • Fluorescent in situ hybridization fish (FISH) 
  • microbiota.



  • A graduated of secondary high school in 1984 from Kabala secondary/Kabala city /Iraq.
  • A graduated from the College of science, Mosul university/Iraq in 30/6/ 1988. With a bachelor degree in Microbiology.
  • A M.Sc. degree from AL -Mustansiriyah University in Microbiology in 18/7/ 2005.
  • A PhD degree from Plymouth University/ UK in industrial Microbiology in 31/7/2014.

Positions hold

  • M.Sc. Lecturer, College of science, Kabala University -2005. 
  • Ph.D. Lecturer, College of science, Kabala University -2014.


  • Postgraduate society (PG). 
  • Society for applied microbiology (sfam).
  • European aquaculture society.


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