International Journal of Human Anatomy

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International Journal of Human Anatomy-Urological gross anatomy-Hayato Terayama


Department of Anatomy,
Division of Basic Medicine,
Tokai University School of Medicine.

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Hayato Terayama


143 Shimokasuya,
Kanagawa 259-1193.

Research Interests:

  • Urological gross anatomy
  • Testicular andrology
  • Testicular reprodactive immunology


  • Hayato Terayama received the Ph.D. degree in medical science from Tokyo Medical University, Tokyo, Japan.


  • The Japanese Anatomical Society
  • Japan Society for Reproductive Immunology
  • Japan Android Society
  • Human Form Science Research Society
  • Study group on spermatogenesis and testicular toxicity
  • Japan Society of Clinical Environmental Medicine
  • Japan Society for Immunotoxicity
  • Japanese Society of Pathophysiology
  • Japan Society of Endocrine Disrupters Chemistry
  • The Japan Society of Hygiene
  • Japan Reproductive Medicine Association