International Journal of Antibiotic Research

International Journal of Antibiotic Research

International Journal of Antibiotic Research

Current Issue Volume No: 1 Issue No: 1

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Ni Hao from the New Editor of the IJANR

1Huazhong Agricultural University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Wuhan

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Received 02 Jan 2018; Accepted 02 Jan 2018; Published 09 Jan 2018;

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Mujeeb Ur Rehman Nasar (2018) Ni Hao from the New Editor of the IJANR. International Journal of Antibiotic Research - 1(1):1-1.

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I am Mujeeb ur Rehman Nasar, the new editor of the International Journal of Antibiotic Research. I would like to thank the OPEN ACCESS PUB publisher for giving me this opportunity. This magazine will be an integral part of my life for many years as this really is my dream job. I posted a message on 28 December, 2017, on my We-chat account exactly the day after I officially became the editor of International Journal of Antibiotic Research. In response, I got a lot of feedback and encouragement from friends, colleagues and peers.

I would like to point out that IJANR will always be interested in publishing articles with preliminary results of antibiotic resistance and misuse, and microbial products, probiotics, production of antibiotics and relevant approaches to overcome the issue of antimicrobial resistance. However, it will cover all aspects of antimicrobial resistance or other related events and topics of major public interest. We will publish these articles as quickly as possible. Notably, a first decision regarding the suitability, novelty and decision to send for peer reviewed will be delivered within one week. We will use at least two reviews to get back with the final decision.

To achieve all these goals, we need your help and encourage you to consider submitting articles to IJANR. Great efforts are needed to make a journal best in its subject area. As part of the editorial board, it will be our first goal to achieve the ISSN for this journal. Hence we request you to contribute to the first issue of IJANR and make a wonderful start for this journey. A journal without enough high quality submissions is not healthy. Similarly, we will greatly encourage experts to register as peer reviewer and help us in the dissemination of basic science for a novel cause. Because without quality screening we will be unable to contribute quality education and also to get the standard ranking in the subject field. We would appreciate it if you could review some IJANR articles and recommend others if you cannot.

Finally, we are glad to call for articles for the inaugural issue of IJANR and also happy to announce 100% waiver on APC (article processing charges) upon acceptance.

Hope to hear from you soon regarding your contribution to the first issue. Any suggestions or feedback to improve this journal would be of great importance and value. Hence please do not hesitate to email us your thoughts.

We encourage you to provide suggestions to improve journal in all ways.