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    Open or Closed?

    Tala Kassm 1     Dylan Freeman 1      

    1Medical University of South Carolina Storm Eye Institute

    Received 17 Dec 2019; Accepted 05 Jan 2020; Published 13 Jan 2020;

    Copyright©  2020 Tala Kassm, et al.

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    Tala Kassm, Dylan Freeman (2020) Open or Closed?. International Journal of Glaucoma - 1(1):1-1.
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    74 year old male with a history of multiple retinal detachment repairs with silicone oil and subsequent Ahmed tube shunt placement for uncontrolled pressure now presents with recurrent uncontrolled pressure in the right eye (seen below).

    Intraocular pressure is not controlled with maximum topical and oral medications. Is silicone oil blocking the tube? Would oil removal and tube flushing improve his eye pressure?