Journal of Glycomics And Metabolism

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Glycomics And Metabolism-The major areas are human exposure to the environmental pollutants-Heqing Shen


Institute of Urban Environment (IUE),
Chinese Academy of Science (CAS),
PI of Exposure Science for Environmental Health,
Key Laboratory of Urban Environmental Health of CAS.


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Heqing Shen


Xiamen, Fujian, China,
1799 Jimei Road, 361021.

Research Interests:

The major areas are human exposure to the environmental pollutants, health effects and risk assessment. Many concerns on urban changing (urbanization) and health and wellbeing

  1. Exposure Science: Human biological monitoring of micro-pollutants, esp., endocrine disrupting chemicals, food and environment monitoring, molecular exposomics, exposure biomarkers
  2. Toxicology/Environmental Epidemiology: response biomarkers of pollutants, omics and systems biology, environmental epigenetic toxicology, environmental epidemiology



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