Journal of Enzymes

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Enzymes-Ecology-Carlucio Santos


Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

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Carlucio Santos


Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Department of Biochemistry, Rio de Janeiro.

Research Interests:

Ecology, Marine Ecology, Biochemistry, Marine Environment, Marine Biodiversity, Marine Biology, Fish Ecology, Fisheries Science, Fisheries, Fish Biology, Enzymology, Fisheries Management, Toxicology, Ichthyology, Fisheries Biology, Fisheries Ecology.



  1. Polyphenol-Rich Diets Exacerbate AMPK-Mediated Autophagy, Decreasing Proliferation of Mosquito Midgut Microbiota, and Extending Vector Lifespan.
  2. Evaluation of a Brain Acetylcholinesterase Extraction Method and Kinetic Constants after Methyl-Paraoxon Inhibition in Three Brazilian Fish Species.
  3. Effects of sub-lethal and chronic lead concentrations on blood and liver ALA-D activity and hematological parameters in Nile tilapia.
  4. Biomarkers as tools in quality assessment of fish contaminated with trace metals.