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Enzymes-Enzymes-Phillip Brumm

United States

C5-6 Technologies LLC.

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Phillip Brumm


C5-6 Technologies LLC 
5627 Old Oak Drive Fitchburg, 
WI 53711 USA.

Research Interests:

  • Enzymes
  • Comparative Genomics
  • Functional Genomics
  • Carbohydrate Chemistry
  • Glycobiology
  • Genome Annotation
  • Gene Annotation
  • Enzyme Engineering
  • Functional Annotation


  • Throughout my career, I have had an interest in the relationship between structure and function in living systems, particularly in the areas of proteins. 
  • My graduate work studied the enzymology of vitamin B12 biosynthesis. In industry, I continued to pursue this interest by studying the relationships of starch-degrading enzymes with their substrates. 
  • Eventually, I became head of research for an industrial enzyme company with $50M in sales, Enzyme Bio-Systems, Ltd., which is now a part of Dow-Danisco. 
  • The work I performed there led to three new enzyme products with over $10M in sales as well as developing a maltodextrin business for the parent company. 
  • After Enzyme Bio-Systems was sold, I moved to Lucigen Corp. to work on purification and characterization of enzymes involved in nucleic acid synthesis.
  •  Part of the work at Lucigen focused on discovery of new organisms as potential sources for these nucleic acid enzymes. 
  • The new organisms discovered in my work led to the formation of C5o6 Technologies, Inc., a spin-out from Lucigen.
  •  As the Chief Scientific Officer for C5o6 Technologies, Inc., I had overall responsibility for research focused on the identification, cloning, and characterization of novel microbial carbohydrases through both random shotgun screening of organisms and whole genome mining of organisms. 
  • These enzymes have been patented and commercialized for applications in research, biofuels production, and biomedical applications. 
  • We partnered with commercial and academic laboratories to advance our understanding of the structure and function of these newly discovered enzymes and to develop additional commercial applications for them. 
  • C5o6 Technologies, Inc. was dissolved in 2014, and I purchased the assets in 2015 to continue the work of identifying carbohydrases with potential antimicrobial and antibiofilm activities that I started. 
  • At the new company C5-6 Technologies, LLC, I collaborating with UW Pharmacy staff and an antibiotic company to move the first antimicrobial enzymes into clinical trials. 
  • I am also assisting a start-up in Madison identify and develop new enzymes for capture and sequencing of large DNA molecules. also: and