Journal of Embryology

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Embryology-Cardiovascular development and disease-Zhengxin	Jiang

United States

Northwestern University.

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Zhengxin Jiang


Department of Pharmacology,
Center for Pharmacogenomics,
Northwestern University,
Feinberg School of Medicine,
Searle 8-450,
320 East Superior Street,
Chicago, IL 60611.

Research Interests:

Cardiovascular development and disease, iPSCs, genome editing, drug screening, precision medicine


  • I earned my PhD from Baylor College of Medicine in Molecular and Human Genetics before pursuing postdoctoral fellowships at Yale University in Internal Medicine/Cardiology, followed by Northwestern University in Pharmacology.
  • For the past few years, I have worked on the genetic causes of human congenital cardiovascular disorders, and the application of hiPSC in cardiac disease modeling and heart regeneration.
  • I am currently focusing on modeling chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy with hiPSC-derived cells and establishing the genetic cause of patients' specific off-target cardiotoxic drug response.
  • I am interested in applying the knowledge and discoveries gained from these studies to drug screening, precision medicine and personalized cancer therapy.