This page provides guidance to editors, on how to join us and what to expect as an editor

Interested to join as an editor?
If you are interested to join us as an editor, please register here. After verification you will be informed of your profile update online. There on you may be assigned a manuscript suitable for you. 

I registered online. What next?

You need to wait for the acknowledgement email to verify your email address. After you acknowledge your registration will be complete. If you have not received the acknowledgement email do let us know.


Your first and foremost duty is to keep us informed of your availability. And the next is to check your emails regularly for manuscript handling request. This includes spam email since they may end up there due to several reasons. 
In case you have not received mails from us for a long period it’s good to check back with us. This will help us know if our communications are not reaching you.

Tips for communication:

  • Email is the best prefered medium for communication
  • Out of two emails you provide the publishing house, providing one permanent email which you access frequently will keep you on track even if you need to change your work email.
  • Speaking to your system administrator or the right technical person and request them to whitelist our domain names and keep them informed that these emails are important to you.

Once you accept to handle a manuscript please follow the below given:

Note: Publishing house forwards you the manuscript after preliminary check of plagiarism using Crosscheck© powered by Ithenticate©. Report is available upon request.

  • After receiving an invitation to handle a manuscript you need to login online and click agree/decline to handle as your choice may be.
  • Please go through the paper and check for relevance to journal scope and the standard of language. If it does not fit in the scope you can reject it without sending it to review and with proper feedback. If scope is fine but language needs to be refined you can inform author to resubmit after language editing or redirect them to the language services provided by publishing house
  • If the paper is fine in both aspects then assign the reviewers as soon as possible. If you are unable to do so do let us know, we can support you in assigning reviewers. However if we do not hear from you after 3 days of acceptance reviewers will be assigned to keep the process streamlined
  • Once the review report is ready you will receive the notification. You can then provide your decision based on the reviews. 
  • While providing the decision you need to provide the relevant feedback.
  • Do not bias your decision.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the manuscript content
  • Communicate. Make the process run smoothly and in a timely manner
  • You may need to work on already handled manuscripts, up to some extent also. So be prepared for such situations.
  • Ethics and certificates are to be verified when necessary.
  • Clinical trials registration are to be verified thoroughly.

 Other Duties

Minimum one editorial is expected annually which will be published free of cost. However if you wish to submit another one for the same year that will be charged.
You must invite guest editors, propose special issue, and solicit papers when necessary
Inform publisher of the indexing services the journal should be indexed in and the required requisites for doing so. 
Keep updating your ideas to improve the journal.