Name: Zhanjun Jia

Country: China


Children’s Hospital of Nanjing Medical University.

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Children’s Hospital of Nanjing Medical University,

Research Interests:

My major research interest is focused on the role of mPGES-1 in regulation of renal function and blood pressure. PGE2 has very complex roles through its four subreceptors (EP1 to EP4) in modulating the inflammatory response, vascular tone and renal handling of water and salt. mPGES-1 is the best characterized PGE2 synthases and serves as the most promising target in the development of new anti-inflammatory drugs. In past years, my work revealed important actions of mPGES-1 in regulating water and salt metabolism, blood pressure and kidney injury. In addition, my research interests also involve the roles of nuclear receptors PPAR gamma and LXR in regulation of fluid metabolism and kidney injury.

My recent research directions include

  • the mechanistic investigation of prostaglandins and nuclear receptors in the control of renal function;
  • mitochondrial role in regulating blood pressure and renal function; and
  • role of renal inflammation in modulating fluid metabolism


  • 2004   Awarded third position in Jilin Province Higher Education Pedagogical Techniques for the teaching material about the examination of  nose and ear. Yang L, Wu Y, Chi X, Zhang Y and Jia Z. (China).
  • 2007   Travel award winner to attend the Advances in Research Conference (Reactive Oxygen Species) held during ASN’s 2007 Renal Week.
  • 2008   Travel award winner to attend the Professional Development Seminar held during ASN’s 2008 renal week.
  • 2009   Travel award winner to attend the Advances in Research Conference held during ASN’s 2009 Renal Week.         
  • 2009   New Investigator Award winner from 63rd Council on High Blood Pressure Research, American Heart Association          
  • 2010   Postdoctoral fellowship awarded by American Heart Association
  • 2010   Travel award winner to attend the Geriatric Nephrology: An Epidemiologic and Clinical Challenge held during ASN’s 2010 Renal Week.   
  • 2010    Awarded third position in Jiangsu Province scientific technology  
  • Award: Investigation of the molecular mechanism and the medical intervention  of renal fibrosis. (Participant)     
  • 2011    Scientist Development Grant awarded by National Center of American Heart Association
  • 2012    Travel award winner to attend the Advance in Geriatric Nephrology held during 2012 ASN renal week.
  • 2013     Awarded second position in Jiangsu Province Scientific Technology                         
  • Award: Role of oxidative stress in the occurrence and progression of CKD and the intervention (Participant)