Name: Yusuf TUTAR

Qualification: PhD

Country: Turkey


University of Health Sciences.

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University of Health Sciences,
Istanbul, Turkey.

Research Interests:

  • Molecular Cancer Research and epigenetic (RT-PCR and Microarray). 
  • MicroRNA, pseudogenes, and transfection.
  • Prion, translation termination in eukaryotes, and transcription initiation in prokaryotes.
  • Investigating structure-function relationship of biological macromolecules with biochemical, biophysical, genetics and molecular biological methods. 
  • Recombinant DNA technology, molecular sub-cloning, transformation and protein expression.
  • Drug design, docking, molecular dynamics.
  • Nanoparticles for drug targeting.
  • Protein purification (Heat shock, Catabolite repressor and S100P proteins) and characterisation (Spectroscopy: Fluorescence, Luminescence, CD, FTIR; Calorimetry: NanoDSC and ITC; Chromatography: HPLC and FPLC; Other techniques: MALDI-TOF, GC, SPR)


  • Dr. Yusuf TUTAR is the Head of Biochemistry Division and the Head of Basic Sciences Department at Faculty of Pharmacy, Cumhuriyet University, Sivas Turkey.
  • Dr. Tutar is also the Head of Biomedical Engineering Program at the same university.
  • He obtained his M.Sc. and Ph.D. at Oregon State University and Texas Tech University respectively.
  • He pursued his postdoctoral study at National Institutes of Health (NIH/NIDDK), USA.
  • His research focuses on Biochemistry, Biophysics, Genetics, and Molecular Biology with specialization in the fields of protein structure-function, protein folding, prion, microrna, pseudogenes, molecular cancer, proteomics, genomics, protein expression and characterization by spectroscopic and calorimetric methods.
  • Dr. TUTAR is currently faculty at Health Sciences University, Istanbul.